Westshore Community Daycare

is a licensed daycare for children ages 0 - 5 with a morning Preschool for 3-5.
We are located on the bottom level of the Westshore Alliance Church.

View of the center from the front with our secure fencing and welcoming play area

WCD makes it's home in the large building at the far end of the first parking lot at the All Fun Recreation complex, adjacent to Western Speedway.

This location is great for easy drop off and pickup in our expansive parking lot.

We provide quality, affordable and Christ like care for children 0-5 years old.  We provide a Preschool program in the 3-5 class, why go two places when you can have both?!

With the use of Christian values of love and acceptance, we strive to enhance your child's growth in all areas; Spiritual, physical, social, emotional, creative and intellectual.  

Using stories, songs and age appropriate activities, we provide an environment that allows each child to develop to their full potential.  We value and respect all people regardless of their race, religion, culture, gender or developmental ability.