Daily Schedule (3-5)

7:00- Center opens
7:00-9:00 – Art & Free play
9:00-10:00 – Outdoor play                    10:00–11:30 - Circle & work activities
11:30 – Lunch
12:30-2:00 - Nap/quiet time
2:30-3:30 – Outdoor play
3:30 – Snack
4:00- 5:00 - Inside play & Center closes

Daily Schedule (0-3)

7:00- Center opens
7:00-8:45 – Art & Free play
8:45-9:30 – Group wash & Snack     (nap time 0-1yr)
9:30-10:00 – Group toilet & diaper
10:00 – 11:00 - Outdoor play
11:00- 11:30 – Group wash & Circle
11:30-12:00 –  Lunch
12:00-12:30 – Group toilet & diaper
12:30-2:30 - Nap/quiet time
2:30-3:00 – Group wash & Snack
3:00-3:30 – Group toilet & diaper
3:30-4:30 – Outdoor play
4:30-5:00 - Inside play & Center closes

Outdoor Policy

It is a Child Care Regulation that all group care centers provide opportunity for outdoor play every day, weather permitting. Children must be prepared for whatever the weather or season is.  Daycare will be closed all government and statutory holidays, as well as two weeks over Christmas and two weeks and in the Summer (Dates TBA)


Open communication between staff and parents is essential, particularly as it applies to the growth and development of the children. Parents should feel that the staff is accessible to discuss any aspect of their child’s development, family or culture, or the child’s happiness and satisfaction with the program.  Parents may arrange to have a private conversation about their child with the manager. In addition, regular communication will be provided by daily notes (0-3), monthly newsletters and the parent information board at the entrance of each daycare.





We believe that all children are uniquely created by God and deserve to learn in a safe and loving environment. We provide a warm and welcoming center, where children are valued, nurtured and encouraged as they explore and discover the world around them through play, hands on activities and social interaction.

Through these interactions with peers and positive ECE trained adults your child is encouraged to develop self-awareness, control of their body and emotions, nurture relationships and remain curious about the world around them.

With the use of Christian values of love and acceptance we strive to enhance your child’s spiritual, physical, social, emotional, creative and intellectual growth so that they can develop to their full potential.

The Westshore Community Daycare will follow the program of activities as outlined in schedule G of the Child Care Regulation relating to the children’s physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social development. Ask a staff member for a copy. We will offer all children an age appropriate schedule and routine.

 Circle time will be an opportunity for the children to explore and learn about many different themes and topics. All children will be given the opportunity to participate in singing songs, reading stories, making crafts, playing games, free-play, large motor/small motor activities, etc.

Preschool Operations


Spaces are filled on a first-com/first-serve basis for new applicants based on the date of registration and half a months deposit.                                                                                                              

When spaces are full, new applicants will be put on a wait list in order received and given preference for registration should space become available. Wait list applicants will have 48 hrs to confirm and one week to register from time of notification if a space opens up.


A registration meeting should be held with the child and at least one of the child’s parents (or legal guardian) for the following:

-Tour the classroom and outside area. Discuss registration, guidelines and parent handbook. Complete registration form and other paper work. Pay registration fee to guarantee the child’s place in the program. This fee is non-refundable but will be deducted from the first month’s fees. Answer any questions parents/guardians may have  


Children will wash before snacks and lunch and after toileting. We will have morning and afternoon snack. Children will bring their own food from home, which could include items that are ready to warm in the microwave. Please send food children can feed themselves whenever possible. We provide safe drinking water for all children. We ask that all meals contain ingredients that are healthy and balanced. Please include for your child items from each of the food groups